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Project details

This apartment project aimed to densify the end of the lot, formerly occupied by two garages along the back alley. One existing garage was dismantled and the other one was kept. The unit has five levels of living space, including a basement and a mezzanine with two roof terraces.

The interior layout of the rooms is as follows: the ground floor includes entrance, office space and garage; SS includes a small bathroom and storage; 2nd floor provide a master bedroom, a walk-in, laundry room and main bathroom; the main stairway to the third floor is illuminate by natural lighting from a skylight; The third floor includes the living areas, living room, kitchen, dining-room and a double height space connecting the mezzanine living-room which gives access to two roof terraces.

The front facade of the building is oriented southwest, providing exceptionnal light throughout the day. The materiality of the project consists of a rust-colored burgundy brick with natural light brown color wood inserts. The volume of the mezzanine is made of charcoal gray metal panels. This coating continues along the windows on lateral facade to cut the monolithic brick volume.

Project: 1 housing unit
City: Montréal, Qc
Area: 1 950 sqft approx.
Budget: 1,0M$
Years: 2013-2014
Collaborators: Chloé Théberge, tech. en archi.