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Project details

We propose in this project to build three residential units on five floors of living space. Two of the three units will be on dual levels and no unit will be only at the basement level. The 3-storey building stands at 12.5 meters (41′-0 ”) and the unit at the 3rd floor has a mezzanine and roof-top terraces.

The housing units will be primarily for families. The facades will be composed of cream colored traditional brick volumes enhanced with inserts of wood and brown prepainted metal. Stone inserts will highlight the contour of openings and wooden inserts.

The distribution of housing unit is two 5 1/2, and one 4 1/2. The units have an approximate gross area from 1315sqf up to 2400sqf.

The first housing unit will occupy the basement and part of the ground floor. A second unit will occupy the second floor. The last unit will be at the 3rd floor and the mezzanine. Each unit will benefit from an outdoor space, a balcony or a roff-top terrace. These three dwellings enjoy a direct entrance on Marie-Anne Street. The front facade of the building is oriented North-West, providing a beautiful light in late afternoon.

We create openings to maximize natural light intake in living spaces from the basement to the mezzanine. The Southeast facade offers generous windows allowing light to enter the bedrooms. The facades of the inner courtyard on the lateral alley, will be largely glass covered to maximize light intake and natural ventilation.

The roofs will be covered with high reflective white membrane, to avoid heat islands. The housing unit on 3rd floor has a 17′-0 ” high ceiling to give better spatial qualities to the living spaces and bring more natural light and natural ventilation. A recess in the mezzanine volume was designed to prevent shadow casting on the neighbor’s yard, located on North side.

Project: 3 housing units
City: Montréal, Qc
Area: 5 800 sqft approx.
Budget: 1,5M$
Years: 2012-2013
Collaborators: Chloé Théberge, tech. en archi.  Audrey Lepers, dipl. en archi.