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Project details

The Rosemont Loft project is located in Rosemont-Petite-Patrie borough in Montreal. The unit was designed for a single person or a couple. Its configuration on two floors, allows an open area incorporating public spaces, living room, dining room, kitchen and two separate rooms, a bedroom and a mezzanine. The mezzanine is open on two roof-top terraces, gives the bathroom a generous natural lighting.

The loft concept layout supports strong conceptual intentions to create open living spaces, functional and very bright, despite the narrowness. The addition of a mezzanine surmounting the center of the unit allowed a considerable amount of natural light. The opening of the mezzanine floor and the staircase combining with generous windows provide from above a deep natural lighting, into the center of the unit, from morning until sun down.

The unit, offers generous and pleasant spaces. The project demonstrates, through creative and technical solutions, a variety of spatial and sensory experiences, qualifying this place of harmonious living and exceptional spaces. The contribution of natural light and the piercing of the kitchen ceiling, the presence of a suspended shower with a skylight above the staircase, the execution of interior details, the reuse of tensile structure and the conversion of a wooden bowling alley in a table and counter top, and the aesthetic and functional contemporary design furniture, made in collaboration with various trades on site, make this interior a unique and exemplary project.

Project: 1 loft

City: Montréal, Québec

Area: 815 sqft approx.

Budget: 275 000$

Year: 2012-2013

Engineer: Geniex