Sakihikan Center

Project details

The Sakihikan Center is an Aboriginal social economy project. As part of the Sakihikan project, the La Tuque Aboriginal Friendship Center (CAALT) aims to promote Aboriginal culture and offer various services and activities to the Atikamekw and allochthonous community of La Tuque. The existing renovated building is designed to take advantage of its location near Lac St-Louis. The axis of the entrance hall allows a direct link with the lake. On the ground floor, the offices and workshops are located to the west while the large multifunctional room to the southeast. All the rooms in the building have many windows allowing a considerable influx of natural light while having views framed on the lake. On the ground floor, a meeting room and a handicraft workshop have been fitted out with low windows to allow the children to see the lake. A computer lab and a cloakroom / storage were also built to meet the daily needs of the occupants. The interior space of the renovated building is optimized to ensure the combination of daily activities and services as well as one-off events on a larger scale. The Community Center has excellent intercultural potential while allowing for significant economic activity. Its location in the heart of downtown La Tuque, in this urban park, makes it an ideal place for Aboriginal cultural and recreational tourism. Activities and services offeredRecreational animation and outdoor activitiesCultural and recreational activitiesDay and school campsRental of rooms for community or private activitiesProfessional training servicesCommunications Services (Audiovisual Graphics and Production)Dissemination of indigenous art and craft shop * Sakihikan means lake in Atikamekw language

  • Project: Centre culturel Sakihikan
  • Area: La Tuque, Québec
  • Surface: 5500 pi2
  • Budget: 1 625 000$
  • Years: 2016-2018
  • Collaborator:
  • Matisse Aubin-Thuot, stag. arch.