We work as architects in designing spaces and buildings that fully meet the needs of people and our clients. Whether to live, work, learn, eat, or be entertained, our creativity and our construction expertise provides a plus-value to the projects we design. The use of materials, space and light to express an intention, a gesture or an emotion, is an important part of the design process. Sculptors of light and space designers, we work in respect of the needs of our clients and their budgets. The first qualities of our work are contemporary designs, natural lighting, structure simplicity, and fluidity of spaces.


We offer professional architecture support services for all buildings types; institutional, commercial, residential and industrial. Our services include; architectural design and planning, construction technical advice, 3D modeling, feasibility studies, analysis of existing buildings and envelope, construction expertise for upgrading renovation according to the National Building Code (NBC), management and project administration, analysis of bids with the clients, coordinating with engineers and other professionals, coordination with the municipality for the licensing, monitoring on work field and coordination with the contractor.

Plus value of architect services

The role of the architect is primarily to listen to you and to advise you; based on your needs or the needs of your organization. The architect helps you define your project and its plus-value: analysis of links between different building uses and users needs, optimization of areas and circulations, the organization of internal spaces, designing walls, floors and roofs compositions in respect of National Building Code concerning fire resistance, insulation and water resistance envelope, the design of the volumetry and exterior facades and interior design, materials use and structure layout and coordination with various engineers and building professionals to insure you that the construction will reflect the primary designs.