Festival Présence Autochtone: Resilience Through Architecture

Here are two short films entitled: Resilience Through Architecture and Aboriginal Partnerships: Building the Future, which were shot in Kitcisakik, Qc. They will be presented at the Présence Autochtone de Montréal festival, from July 29 to August 5, 2015

Resilience through architecture:

Aboriginal Partnerships: Building the Future:




An immersion at the heart of the participative approach implemented by the Architects of Emergency and Cooperation (AUC), Guillaume Lévesque architect and the Frontiers Foundation to concretely improve the quality of life of the Kitcisakik aboriginal population and the condition of the hundred or so off-reserve dwellings.

This work is in close collaboration with the Anishnabe (Algonquin) population, with the goal of developing Aboriginal skills and abilities, as well as facilitating knowledge transfer and greater self-reliance.

The elements on which the project focused are as follows; children’s health, overpopulation in housing, access to water, sustainable development and material recovery, self-sufficiency in timber by a sawmill, autonomy, skills building as well as and the acquisition of new carpentry, carpentry and construction skills for the local Aboriginal workforce.

The short films will be presented at the Long House on the Place des Festivals, in collaboration with Architects of Emergency and Cooperation.